Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout W

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A four-buckle touring boot that feels lightweight on the uphill and locks in for high performance turns on the descent, the Zero G Tour Scout W is unrivaled for experienced backcountry skiers.

Weighing just 1,360 grams (for a size 26.5)—a fraction of the weight compared to other ski boots—it boasts a 55-degree range of motion so you can glide without resistance on the skin track.

On the descent, the 115 flex provides the support needed for making aggressive, confident turns down every type of terrain that crosses your path.

Customization Shell: C.A.S.

Soles: ISO 9523 with low tech inserts, VIBRAM rubber

Shell: Grilamid

Cuff: PU

Liner: ULTRALIGHT - LIGHT FIT W, with laces

Buckles: 4 light Magnesum

Powerstrap: 35mm light with hook

Canting: NO

Extra Features: Forward Lean Adjustment

Ratchets: double hitching hook

Mobility Cuff: Double Hook Self Adjusting System

*No Charge Boot Fitting and Boot Fit Guarantee is NOT applicable to online purchases.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review