Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro '18


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No limits, no boundaries, no compromise is what the all new Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro is all about.
A four buckle, full overlap, traditional foundation is fused with state of the art technologies to craft a 1540 gram high performance touring boot.
True downhill peformance has never been this light because of Tecnica's new Power Light Design technology.
From the buckles to the new S.A.S. Cuff Mobility System and the Palau liner, to the rockered tech sole and all the way down to the smallest screw -- every detail was meticulously examined to make sure that lightness and function were achieved.
Zero G is one boot with zero limits - designed to give you the freedom to explore beyond your boundaries.


Sizes: 24.5 - 27.5 MP

Flex: 130

Volume: 99 mm Low Volume

Weight: 1540g (26.5 MP)

FLEX 130

The flex indexs the plastic hardness of the ski boots. The maximun is 150 while the minimun is 60 (it cornerns the adult collection).


The last indexs the width of the shell. It varies from a maximum of 104 to a minimum of 93 (it concerns the adult collection).


The volume indexs the greatness of the shell. The Tecnica ski boots collection has differents volumes: ELV (Extra low volume), LV (low volume), MV (medium volume), MV FR (Medium volume freeride), MV T (medium volume touring), HV (high volume), HV+ (high volume plus). (it cornerns the adult collection).


The C.A.S. Shell is anatomically shaped and marries perfectly with the liners. The dimples on the shell serve as a roadmap for problem fit areas and are easy to customize if needed. 


The anatomical shape provides a great out-of-the box fit with the ability to be easily customized for problem fit areas. Better fit equals comfort, warmth and performance!


The Mobility Cuff uses a metal-to-metal device for a solid, strong connection. When in the hike mode there is  42º (for Cochise) - 44° (for Zero G)  range of motion for great upward mobility. The new S.A.S., Self Adjusting System, eliminates any play in the connection.


A solid, strong, connection that won't loosen over time and offers a great range of motion results in a great skier experience whether hiking to your secret stash or crushing  your favorite run.


The innovative Lift Lock mechanism holds the buckle away from the boot. A flick of the lever releases the buckle when you are ready to buckle up.


Ultimate convenience - no buckles catching while you are trying to get in or out of the boots. Super easy, simple and fast.


Dynafit certified low tech inserts are fully integrated into the sole providing a solid connection from boot to binding. 


Built in for ultimate performance, safety and convenience.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review