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Thank you for all the kind words everyone!

Ian Green

Thursday, Nov 30 2017 6:50 PM I brought in pre-bought boots for fitting. They gave me a very honest opinion, took 2 hrs with me, fit them perfectly, made me feel at home and the end result was perfect. First time that my first day on ski boots was completely pain free.
Morgan Sands
Wednesday, Nov 29 2017 8:59 AM
Great service and excellent advise.
Rustom Mehta
Monday, Nov 27 2017 4:05 PM
Excellent service, very professional, not rushed in any way. The best boot fitting I've had in 35 years of skiing.
Bee Boonstra
Wednesday, Nov 22 2017 8:06 AM Hi there, I received friendly, patient and very professional service from Adrian in my boot fit over the weekend. Kevin (sorry, I'm not sure which one of the two it was - though I am sure they're both great) also enhanced the experience with high spirits and entertaining banter. I said to my partner afterwards how I felt the "real Whistler" while I was in your shop. I was there for two hours having my boots fitted, and everyone who came in the door received friendly, competent, exuberant service, and the staff is doing a wonderful job of spreading love for the mountains and skiing. It was, admittedly opening weekend, so everyone was excited, but if you guys can keep the vibe this high, I know you'll make many people happy. Wonderful job!
Conor Bn
Sunday, Nov 19 2017 3:28 PM Excellent service! Highly recommend to any skier of any competency. These guys know it all.
Jacqueline Maartense
Saturday, Nov 11 2017 3:26 PM Matt really knows what's he's doing. I was really happy with his service and the quality of my boot fit. Thank you!
Ross Redman
Wednesday, Nov 08 2017 12:07 PM I just bought new ski boots and had them custom fitted. The staff was awesome and they did a great job. I can't wait to get on the hill and try them out
Nicki Valentine
Sunday, Nov 05 2017 9:22 PM Thanks Kevin!

Alisha Megan
Tuesday, Mar 21 2017 6:23 PM Boot adjustment
Top notch service

Haggus Haig
Monday, Mar 20 2017 6:47 PM Great service as always..
Easy to book, on time, problem solved. I recommend to all my friends. Thanks Andrew

Mary Thornton
Thursday, Mar 16 2017 4:58 PM Great service

Exceptionally knowledgable with detailed fit. Other shops in town had advised I buy a boot a size bigger. They were honest and took their time. Initially boots were sore, when I returned they made some adjustments but also reassured me that this was normal and to keep skiing. They were right, by the end of the week my boots were comfortable. All in all a fantastic service, worth doing properly with them! Would recommend highly.

Janet Nietvelt
Monday, Mar 13 2017 8:55 AM Boot fitting with Jim

I like having a scheduled appointment. I can manage my time and after 2 visits the guys were on time. Clearly the staff is very knowledgeable and the boot fitting / adjustment process was very thorough. A fun and friendly environment. I moved to Whistler recently, arriving with my own gear. My next boot purchase will be at Fanatyko. A great skiing experience starts with well fitting and comfortable boots. It's my impression that's what you strive to do.

Jenny GeckoSmith
Saturday, Mar 04 2017 12:27 PM Best Bootmakers in Whistler!

Thank you to the team at Fanatyk especially Kevin A who saved me from years of pain and unpleasant skiing in ill fitting boots. The service was intelligent, quick, supportive and experienced. I can highly recommend this team, they are the best!

Philip Schofield
Friday, Mar 03 2017 8:06 PM Severe ankle pain

Jamie diagnosed correctly first time out, blew the shell out and added padding appropriately...instant and permanent relief. Worth every penny of the (reasonable) charge for the service on boots another less diligent company sold me. 5*.

Heidi Narayan
Thursday, Mar 02 2017 8:44 AM Thank you!

Scotty was great to work with. I loved the boots and after skiing in them all week didn't even need an adjustment. Thanks for getting me in comfortable boots! So nice to not be distracted by pain while skiing.

Rick Williams
Monday, Feb 27 2017 6:35 PM Retired ski bum.....

Had trouble with my boys not quite fitting right. This was the result of new liners. Scott listened to my sad story and did his boot magic. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the fit. Can't wait to get out on the hill and try them out.

Bart Hoyweghen
Saturday, Feb 25 2017 5:11 PM My foot is not made for a skiboot

I'm always sceptical when I have to buy new skiboots. A lot of skishops tell me that they can fix my problem only a few realy can. After a first fit and 3 adjustments (with the best service) I have a perfectly bootfit. Thx guy's As we say in dutch: goed gedaan and bedankt voor mijn nieuwe skischoenen.

Brett Yardley
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 10:32 PM Good, friendly service

I purchased a new pair of ski boots yesterday and was very happy with the service I received. Marcus was friendly, informative and definitely took a "customers interests first" approach. Definitely recommended.

Cassie Walker Johnson
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 8:32 PM Wow!

Here's the thing, 4 out of 5 toes were numb in my brand new boots. Who knew that $50 and 15 mins would make all of the difference in the world. Amazingly talented and knowledgeable- thank you!!!!

Nancy Baker
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 6:03 PM Boot fitting

Thank you very much for your great service.

Robert Nichols
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 5:05 PM re-fit of intuition boot liner.

Shayne provided me with absolutely great service and advice. Could not have been better!

Shakira Kelly
Monday, Feb 20 2017 10:31 PM Incredibly good Service

I can't praise Shayne highly enough. He didn't have the right boots for me and he didn't try sell me on something that wasn't a perfect fit. I'll be back start of next season to get my new boots. These guys put Service and reputation as the most important and they really live it. He even got my current boots into much better shape so I can fly bush out the season on them. Happy customer and a customer for life.

Susan Sison-Drury
Monday, Feb 20 2017 9:40 PM Ski boots

Jamie help me get my footbed for my ski boots. He was really good and very helpful. Definitely going to recommend to people. Susan

Mark Oldenburg
Monday, Feb 20 2017 1:07 PM Friendly srvice

Fanatyk Co is another reason one might want to move to Whistler. Great service Shayne, thank you.

Kirsten Short
Friday, Feb 17 2017 4:01 PM Quick fix boot appointment

I was having problems with my ski boots and booked a quick fix appointment with Jamie. He immediately identified the problem and suggested a solution (proper insoles) - it made a HUGE difference out on the slopes and my feet felt so much better! Excellent service and really knowledgeable staff. Thanks!

Amy Graybeal
Tuesday, Feb 14 2017 3:30 PM knowledgeable staff

Kevin may not have been particularly nice, but he did know his shit. Although I left without purchasing boots, I felt that it was an overall good experience. He was honest with me about which boots to select and their limitations (my limitations really). I wish he had a bit better "bedside manner" but hey, I'd take a straightforward guy with the right answers over a nice guy with the wrong ones any day. I hope to come back in the future.

Andrew Johnson
Monday, Feb 13 2017 7:54 AM
Best Boot Experience Ever

This is the first time I've used Fanatyk Co, and after numerous ski boots in the past from other fitters I can say that Fanatyk Co come across as the best. They have huge experience and knowledge about boots, skis, and, importantly, the biomechanics of the foot and ankle, making them experts in the fitting process.

Dave Chater
Monday, Feb 13 2017 6:40 AM
Boot repair

Very quick boot repair on a very busy Sunday evening. Thanks for fitting me in so quickly.

Gino-Doris Fournier
Sunday, Feb 12 2017 8:52 PM
New ski boots feedback at Fanatyk

Excellent service by the Fanatyk team today. We bought 2 pairs of boots and the staff served us in a very professional manner. Can't wait to hit the slopes tomorrow morning!

Shanon Leder Jensen
Thursday, Feb 09 2017 3:13 PM
Not pushy at all..just helpful

I've been into Fanatyk a few times this week while in Whistler, and everyone was super helpful. I really appreciate the fact that non one tried to talk me into buying new boots. In fact one of the boot fitters I was working with said to "sleep on it" and to come back when I was not so tired and fatiqued. Buying new ski boots can be frustrating & these guys get it.. I really liked their style.

Brent Hipsher
Wednesday, Feb 08 2017 8:04 AM

Just wanted to say thank you again for the best fitting ski boots i have ever owned!! Brent

Gabriel Chua
Monday, Feb 06 2017 8:35 PM
Honest and great service!

Went to Kevin to get a new pair of boots as my current pair was hurting my navicular. Upon his recommendation, decided to fix my current pair instead, and they feel great now! Would definitely go back again!

Jacques Garrigues
Monday, Feb 06 2017 6:45 PM
New boots

What makes Fanatyk hands-down the absolute best ski boot shop in Whistler is the people working there. Many of the employees have 15-20 plus years of boot fitting experience. They have dealt with all foot shape problems imaginable. If you need a punch out to relieve a tight spot, it is magic how fast and accurate their adjustments are. Only a really experienced fitter can make this look like a "piece of cake." I also appreciate the friendly atmosphere in the shop towards the customers. I have been coming to Fanatyk for 15 years and there is really no other shop to go to for as outstanding ski boot fit. For sure 5 stars and more.

Kiana Putman
Monday, Feb 06 2017 4:36 PM

Replaced my year old Burton Driver X's factory liners with Intuition pro tongues. Day 1: -16C and toes stayed warm and wiggly while the boots performed better than new...and I'm not even dying to get them off :)

Vera Davis
Monday, Feb 06 2017 3:51 PM
Ski boot fitting

Have always had excellent service from all the experiences, patient and pleasant fitters here. And they happily keep at it until the boot wearer is comfortable.

Doris Fraser
Sunday, Feb 05 2017 7:12 PM
Boot fitting

Great service. The guys are friendly and efficient. Every once in a while I need to get my boots tweaked to accommodate my changing feet and new bony protrusions. It's sure nice to have a comfy boot!

Sven Ross
Monday, Jan 30 2017 8:15 PM
Outstanding service

I purchased a pair of ski boots at fanatyk, the overall experience and after purchase service was outstanding, not to Mention the fit of the boot was perfect once some adjustments that the team made were done. The experience was so good my fiancé also purchased a pair of boots from the guys

Edgar Hulatt
Sunday, Jan 29 2017 4:13 PM
Boot Fitting

A very positive experience. I still have to ski in the boots so that will be the acid test.

Clare Allum
Saturday, Jan 28 2017 2:29 PM
Insole fitting

Thanks for the help last night with my foot beds in my boots . Super efficient and didn't try to sell me the most expensive option. It looked for the most suitable which I appreciated. Pleased with the improvement skiing today

Bill Armatage
Friday, Jan 27 2017 6:55 PM
Fitted with Intuition liners in my old ski boots.

Adrian did an excellent job fitting me. He was calm, answered all my questions and clearly new what he was doing!

Tuesday, Jan 24 2017 8:31 PM


Thanks so much FanatykCo for making me and my feet soooooo happy! Everyone in the shop is always friendly and helpful. You guys provide an amazing service! You are definitely the best! Thank you!


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