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Voted Best Ski Shop - Fanatyk Co.
For the fourth year in a row, Fanatyk Co. has been voted Whistler's favourite ski shop.
For Scott Humby, the shop's owner, it's a great affirmation. "It feels great!" he says. "It shows that all the hard work we put in comes back to us."
Voted Best Customer Service - Fanatyk Co.
Fanatyk Co. took top spot in the customer service category, and according to store owner Scott Humby, management style is a big factor in this arena.
"We give our staff free rein when making decisions when it comes to dealing with customers. I think it's very confidence-inspiring," he says.

John Savage
Monday, Mar 26 2018 3:19 AM I had great service from all the guys at Fanatyk. If you need boots, then I can happily recommend them. They really do want you to walk away in a great-fitting pair of boots.
Cono Quintana
Saturday, Mar 24 2018 6:48 PM Scotty did an amazing job on my boots that kept me from having to throw them away. I couldn't be more thankful. Will forever buy my boots and have them fitted here.
Moira Richardson
Friday, Mar 23 2018 10:36 AM Fabulous service and attention to detail. My dreaded bunion was catered for and the boots were amazingly comfortable - no pain! Having had a torrid time last year in my old boots, I was delighted with this year's purchase - would definitely recommend you guys. Particular thanks to Jamie for his time!
Geoffrey Hitchings
Thursday, Mar 22 2018 11:45 AM The guys at Fanatykco really know their stuff! After putting up with foot pain for 2 seasons all problems are solved. Matt, Adrian and Ryan have now made my boots pain free.
Bruno Santos
Monday, Mar 19 2018 7:59 AM Excelent service. Ryan did a great job. The boots fits perfect.
Kevin Clore
Monday, Mar 19 2018 7:33 AM While visiting Whistler my boots had progressively become more uncomfortable. Set an appointment with Scott to adjust the boots. We ended up stretching and compressing the injected liner and the final change was to punch the boot in the instep area. Boots are once again comfortable. They schedule an hour for the adjustment, made around 6 adjustments in that time period. Total cost was around $60.00. Happy with the service, timeliness, and end result.
David M Sucher
Friday, Mar 16 2018 9:48 PM At first I was slightly put off that I had to make an appointment on line. But it's actually a good system....Fanatyk offers plenty of time for each appointment and when you walk into the store, they are ready for you and have some idea what's wrong (or right)... I wanted to discuss a shim for the boots -- they do pack out eventually -- and made my way to Whistler (I was in Utah when I first sensed that I might need a shim) especially so I could consult with Fanatyk... Making an appointment before I even got to Whistler was good since I knew I would have time to deal with the (minor issue).
David M Sucher
Friday, Mar 16 2018 9:18 PM It took a bit of tweaking but the boots are now very comfortable -- Fanatyk made good on its promise of lifetime support to make the (actually very few) adjustments to the boot (a little bit of "punching out" to give one toe some more room. They don't rush you, as well. I haven't compared prices but even if slightly more expensive (and not even sure it's true) I'd pay it because continuing support for boots is absolutely essential. I'd go back and buy boots from them (other gear too) in a heartbeat. The 3-4 techs I've dealt with all seemed competent.
Margaret McKerihan
Thursday, Mar 15 2018 2:08 PM New boots fitted with patience. One tweek and they are great. New binding and the improvements are tangable.
Chris Shepherd
Sunday, Mar 11 2018 8:45 PM The assistance from Jamie B was very professional, he appeared a little shy - but friendly, The support received with two further adjustments were amazing - these guys were very patient and helpful and I did not have to wait for service! Thank you so much - I now have comfortable boots to fit my NON matching sized feet !!!
Elizabeth Moorhead
Sunday, Mar 11 2018 12:57 PM My boot had given me a blister on my toe and we came in to have that area punched out. We had excellent customer service and a very knowledgeable service man. Thank you very much!
Ashley Reed Ross
Wednesday, Mar 07 2018 9:50 AM I had an amazing experience getting ski boots here. Ryan gave great advice and was very helpful when trying to decide on boots. The service was fantastic, and were happy to make adjustments to the boots after a few days of skiing, free of charge. Would highly recommend Fanatyk.
Melanie Madill
Monday, Mar 05 2018 2:54 PM Great fitting for both of us with Ryan. Went back next day for small tweak. Perfect fit. Thanks.

Jonah Eckert
Monday, Mar 05 2018 10:23 AM I was fitted into a pair of boots that seemed like they were going to work but I was getting ongoing foot pain. They have been very professional and are taking the boots back. Fanatyk deserves its reputation as a company that stands behind what they sell. Very impressed.
Emma Gray
Sunday, Mar 04 2018 6:44 PM I was fiited for new boots by Adrian after deciding my boots of 15 years old fitted by an indifferent Italian with limited English were ready for retirement. Heck I couldn't turn left without severe pain which made skiing the gemstobe bowls all the more challenging. I am a chartered Physiotherapist ( something Adrian didn't know) and I was impressed how quickly he accurately assessed my, shall we say, my quirky biomechanics, by eye. Gadgets and gizmos are great but in my opinion nothing beats the skill of a great technician, something Adrian has in spades and he addressed my biomechanical oddities effectively. So my new ski boots, I have had them for a few days, and being homest it took me a few hours to get used to them. Now I dont even think about them when I am skking - I forget that they are there- I can think of no greater complement. The turning issue has been completely resolved and a bootpack doesn't leave me in tears. Thanks guys great service. I love my boots.
Eric Carter
Sunday, Mar 04 2018 5:56 PM Andrew did an awesome job molding my liners and punching my shells. Also a super nice guy. Thanks for getting a great shop!
Pierre Gagnon
Friday, Mar 02 2018 7:52 PM great work guys. very RAD ! service thank you for your help. best regrds pierre
Jennifer Isobel Godwin
Monday, Feb 26 2018 6:51 PM Excellent Service - my only disappointment was that they wouldn't hold my boots and skis there for a night, which I felt was inflexible considering the amount I'd just spent.
Coral Dawn Tipton
Sunday, Feb 25 2018 10:19 PM Gracias to Fanatyko as the establishment ... Andrew for adjustments of my boots that brought my skiing days up to a 10/10. Gracious, skilled and totally welcoming environment. Peace
Helen Hall
Sunday, Feb 25 2018 10:07 PM Thanks for a great service.

Eddie Muscroft
Friday, Feb 23 2018 5:40 PM Fantastic customer service. Guaranteeing a product from day one and then delivering when an issue occurred, I can have no complaints at all. Fanatyk Co's reputation is well justified.
Scott Bailey
Thursday, Feb 22 2018 4:42 PM Kevin is a fantastic job again in adjusting my boots for me. I have been really happy with the boots from the day I first had them fitted.
Leesa Laug
Thursday, Feb 22 2018 2:15 AM To me boots are the most important piece of equipment, If they don't fit you are in pain and it shows in your skiing. Fanatyk co really look after you and go beyond many of other boot fitters. They checked and adjusted the alignment of my boot and this was a major problem with my previous boots. My skis now sit flat and my knees don't twing or pull. I am so happy with the knowledge and care that was put into fitting my boot. Thank you for helping me Fanatyk co
Shakira Kelly
Wednesday, Feb 21 2018 6:25 AM I just got fitted for boots. Fantastic experience. Got a great pair of boots orthotics and heat moulding done. 3 days on the slopes, no foot pain, way better carving and I feel more in control. When I finish at the end of the day I’m comfortable and not rushing to get them off. My fitter was awesome. He listened to what I was experiencing with my old boots and got me sorted really nicely.
Gideon Stuhler
Monday, Feb 19 2018 10:51 AM I had a recent appointment for new boots. I received good and courteous service from Scott and I am now much more comfortable on the slopes.

Kara Kneller
Sunday, Feb 18 2018 11:35 AM Excellent fitting and fair prices. Was a little challenging to reserve a fitting time as they are crazy busy.
Claire Suddens-Spiers
Saturday, Feb 17 2018 8:22 AM Thanks so much for all your help. All four family members fitted with new skis & new boots - and all extremely happy!!! Certainly added to a great holiday. We’ll see you again when we’re back in Whistler!
Michelle Illiano
Friday, Feb 16 2018 6:28 PM I will start by saying I highly recommend this place, the staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and best of all reasonably priced. Following a miserable 1st day on the mountain due to my old uncomfortable boots. I stopped in and made an appointment for a fitting the next morning. Jamie B fitted me with super comfortable boots based on the issues I was having with my ankles. Walking to the lift I was in no pain. After a few runs though I started getting this excruciating pain in both my feet. I went back to have Jamie take a look but he was busy with another customer. Kobai came over to help me. a few minutes after I arrived. I explained the pain I was having and that in the past I had occasional suffered this pain but not at this intensity. After a few minutes of chatting and diagnostics Kobai explained to me that the problem was most likely due to my achilles tendon in both my feet. He gave me a few tips on how to deal with this issue and inserted a simple lift in each boot. Problem solved I was back to sking painless for the first time in years.
Hans E Hyttinen
Wednesday, Feb 14 2018 10:28 PM Ryan listened to my specific issues and tweaked my boot and fit me with new liners. My comfort has been vastly improved and now I have far more control when skiing. Thank you, Ryan!

Andrea Sutherland Bailey
Monday, Feb 12 2018 11:39 AM After skiing for 45 years it's the best and most comfortable ski boot fit I've ever had! Kevin was fantastic, he knew which boots would fit my feet and suit my ability and then he balanced the fit between comfort and performance. I walked out of Fanatyk Co and onto the hill and was able to ski comfortably without any further adjustments. I would highly recommend Kevin and Fanatyk Co.
Mayer Wertheimer
Wednesday, Feb 07 2018 3:20 PM
I love my new ski boots, Scott was the best he spend a lot of time getting me in to the right boots with a perfect fit you guys rock BTW my friend also got boots and was in so much pain and they gave him a full refund with no questions asked
Willa Kriebel
Tuesday, Feb 06 2018 7:44 PM
Once again, Kevin was very professional and able to understand exactly what I needed to do with my boot when I described my chanlleges. He was very encouraging to me about the opportunities of tweeking my boot if I did not feel 100 percent comfortable. Thanks Kevin. Now to work on the operator!!!!
Robynne Sanders
Sunday, Feb 04 2018 8:13 PM
I had a new pair of boots fitted on my recent visit to Whistler. The guys were fantastic. I tried on a number of pairs of boots until we found a pair that were right for my feet - no one tried to sell me on any particular brand or pair of boots. The fitting on the first day was almost perfect, and I skied the next 2 days without any issues. I went back a couple of times for some minor adjustments and to have the alignment checked - I was always met with a smile and helpful recommendations. With the alignment corrected I am skiing with my knees straight for the first time ever. Thank you so much Fanatyk
Anne Kennedy
Sunday, Feb 04 2018 1:09 PM
Andrew went above and beyond to help me with my boot fitting/new liners. Every time I have been to Fanatykco the service has been excellent. I highly recommend them if you are looking for new boots or you need adjustment.
Max Deffaa
Saturday, Feb 03 2018 12:23 PM
Amazing work from everybody there. Everybody there was super friendly and I got a boot that I think will last me for quite a while! 
Roslyn Snyder
Friday, Feb 02 2018 9:22 PM
Thanks Kobe you saved my feet and my trip!! I like skiing again!!!
Graham Paull
Thursday, Feb 01 2018 3:45 PM
Fanatyk Co have gone above and beyond my expectations. I have always struggled to get boots to fit my feet (wide fore-foot and narrow heel) but Scotty patiently helped me get the perfect fit over several sessions. I look forward to using these boots in comfort for years but when eventually I need a new pair, I will be heading back to Fanatyk Co. Cannot recommend them highly enough!


Keith Fernandes
Tuesday, Jan 30 2018 3:12 PM Great service! Prompt and effective. Kevin Ahearn quickly identified my problem and resolved it by stretching the liner for my right ski boot. Customer service from him and the other staff at Fanatyk Co, was as always, First rate. I recommend them highly and will be sure to visit them again the next time I am in the area. Kudos to the managing partners for maintaining the outstanding service level from all the staff.
Jillian van der Geest
Monday, Jan 29 2018 11:49 AM I came in with some pain in new boots I bought. I just thought I had to tough it out and pack em out myself but Kevin molded my liners and threw in a heel lift and all my problems are solved! Skiing better than ever! These guys are pros.
Grant Foulds
Sunday, Jan 28 2018 5:02 PM The boot fitting team at Fanatyk are excellent. The experience is not for someone in the market to simply look around. The service provided is for someone who wants to "buy" a new pair of ski boots. The boot fitters are pros. They know the nuances of how their boot brands fit differently, and are able to make custom adjustments on site. I had a morning appointment and walked out of the store directly to the Gondola. Two great days of skiing and my feet felt great!
Martin Lavrík
Friday, Jan 26 2018 8:50 PM Hello, Scotty did exactly what I needed with my boots. Plus, he answered all my questions about skeletons, liners, you name it. Thumbs up! Thank you so much, Scott.
Kate Stewart
Thursday, Jan 25 2018 2:23 PM I spent some time researching ski boot fitters before choosing Fanatyk. Couldnt have made a better decision. Fantastic service - staff are friendly, knowledgable, attentive and really take the time to get the fit right. A huge thanks Kobai to my fitter for doing such a great job fixing my alignment! Highly recommend to all (p.s there are usually dogs in the shop, which is an added bonus!)
Janis Leigh Wood Horwat
Wednesday, Jan 24 2018 4:59 PM Thanks for making my feet happy again and getting me stoked on skiing again
Michele Stalker
Saturday, Jan 20 2018 6:33 PM I recently purchased a new pair of boots and tried them out for the first time today. I have a very narrow foot and it's tricky to find something that fits me nice and snug. Scotty set me up with the Dalbello Krypton and it feels great. Looking forward to pushing my skiing to another level!
Daniel Foschiatti
Wednesday, Jan 17 2018 10:02 PM Hands down the best for boot supply and fitting in whistler. Friendly staff and technical knowledge is second to none. Would highly recommend.
Gavin Dennis
Wednesday, Jan 17 2018 6:01 PM I had an ankle issue w my boots which gave me quite a bit of pain. Booked time w with the Fanatyk team and boom!!! 20mins later my boots are comfy as.... Thx guys, great job Highly recommend for new boots or adjustments to exisiting - 5 STARS!!
Lloyd Bie
Monday, Jan 15 2018 10:40 PM Great shop, highly recommended. Staff is super knowledgeable about feet and which boots fit them. Adrian did a great job fitting Intuition liners in my back country boots and was great to talk with during the process.... these guys know as much about boots as anyone, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Genevieve Lester
Saturday, Jan 13 2018 3:47 PM Jamie B fit both myself and my boyfriend for new boots. The process couldn't have been easier and Jamie was fantastic. The boots are incredible and have already noticed the improvements in my skiing.
Colleen Ikona Reach
Sunday, Jan 07 2018 7:13 PM I always know that when I head to fanatyk co the guys will make it better. Whether it's making my boots stop hurting or fixing my bike. I can count on them.

LIliana Dragowska
Friday, Jan 05 2018 10:58 AMI thought Adrian was a knowledgeable and experienced boot fitter who made me feel very confident I would get a boot that fits. I was nervous as i had little time in Whistler to follow up and have purchased both ski and snowboard boots in the past that ended up really hurting my feet, this shop has helped me to feel more confident that i can both adjust the way my boot fits and also come back and get help. I have skied in my boots for a few days now ad they definitely improved my ski performance as they fit nice. Now they are loosening off a little and I will have to figure out how to press my foot into the boot, and will likely have to be back for a visit and some adjustments next time i am through, likely in the summer, which will pose a challenge, but seeing as there are the same people in the shop hopefully that will work out as i am not sure when I will be back in the winter... Thanks Fanatyk Co....
Hanna Perry
Monday, Jan 01 2018 6:32 PM
I had a really great boot fitting with Ryan. He was super friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks!
David Pavan
Sunday, Dec 31 2017 7:50 AM
Jamie fitted me with the perfect boot on the first try. I had no idea what a properly fitted boot was like. I had very slight tightness in the toe box on one side after skiing for a couple of days, which was fixed with a quick drop-in visit. You guys are pros!
Cindy Ross
Tuesday, Dec 26 2017 9:47 AM
Scott did a great job adjusting my intuition liners. My feet have changed quite a bit since I got them and he was able to remedy the "changes"!
Ian Green
Monday, Dec 25 2017 12:37 PM
The locals #1 choice for boot fitting and great gear.
Arnold Shuchat
Friday, Dec 22 2017 12:23 PM I had my boots which I bought elsewhere re-fitted with a custom orthotic which made all of the difference in the world. Kobai, one of the experts at Fanatyk took the measurements for my canting angles and after a trial run with temporary shims to correct an error in physiological geometry, shimmed my left boot and fixed a problem I had been skiing with for 60 years. It was like a breath of fresh air! I will go back to him when it is time to change equipment. The service was excellent as was his expertise in his field.

 Allison Oliver
Saturday, Dec 16 2017 10:25 AMThese guys are THE BEST. I have a very tricky leg/ankle due to several plates and 17 screws and I haven't been able to ski comfortably for two winters, despite numerous tweaks to my gear. I decided to give it one more shot and buy new boots with FantaykCo. Jamie spent TWO days helping me with new boot fit (that's before I even skied witj them) and was very patient, dillegent and attentive to detail. I will probably be back to have them tweaked a bit more as the season goes on, but without these guys and their fitting expertise, I wouldn't be able to ski at all. Thank you Jamie, for all your help. Come ski near Smithers some time! :) 

Robyn Smale
Wednesday, Dec 13 2017 1:54 PM

Great personal service. Genuine, knowledgeable crew. I’ve got problem feet and these boots are going to let me enjoy skiing. Thanks, Kevin! Only thing missed was boot care & cleaning etc. These are my first boots so in hindsight I should have asked about caring for my investment.

Giles Hunter
Saturday, Dec 09 2017 12:34 PM Always great service from Fanatyk. Third pair of boots I have bought from them. Skilled boot fitters and good service.
Joey Chiquita
Friday, Dec 08 2017 10:20 AM The staff at Fanatyk Co excels at what they do and they always go way beyond what good customer service means. I will always come back to Fanatyk Co for the best products, service and information. Thanks Fanatyk Co for always making my feet so happy!

Ian Green
Thursday, Nov 30 2017 6:50 PM I brought in pre-bought boots for fitting. They gave me a very honest opinion, took 2 hrs with me, fit them perfectly, made me feel at home and the end result was perfect. First time that my first day on ski boots was completely pain free.

Morgan Sands
Wednesday, Nov 29 2017 8:59 AM
Great service and excellent advise.
Rustom Mehta
Monday, Nov 27 2017 4:05 PM
Excellent service, very professional, not rushed in any way. The best boot fitting I've had in 35 years of skiing.
Bee Boonstra
Wednesday, Nov 22 2017 8:06 AM Hi there, I received friendly, patient and very professional service from Adrian in my boot fit over the weekend. Kevin (sorry, I'm not sure which one of the two it was - though I am sure they're both great) also enhanced the experience with high spirits and entertaining banter. I said to my partner afterwards how I felt the "real Whistler" while I was in your shop. I was there for two hours having my boots fitted, and everyone who came in the door received friendly, competent, exuberant service, and the staff is doing a wonderful job of spreading love for the mountains and skiing. It was, admittedly opening weekend, so everyone was excited, but if you guys can keep the vibe this high, I know you'll make many people happy. Wonderful job!
Conor Bn
Sunday, Nov 19 2017 3:28 PM Excellent service! Highly recommend to any skier of any competency. These guys know it all.
Jacqueline Maartense
Saturday, Nov 11 2017 3:26 PM Matt really knows what's he's doing. I was really happy with his service and the quality of my boot fit. Thank you!
Ross Redman
Wednesday, Nov 08 2017 12:07 PM I just bought new ski boots and had them custom fitted. The staff was awesome and they did a great job. I can't wait to get on the hill and try them out
Nicki Valentine
Sunday, Nov 05 2017 9:22 PM Thanks Kevin!

Alisha Megan
Tuesday, Mar 21 2017 6:23 PM Boot adjustment
Top notch service

Haggus Haig
Monday, Mar 20 2017 6:47 PM Great service as always..
Easy to book, on time, problem solved. I recommend to all my friends. Thanks Andrew

Mary Thornton
Thursday, Mar 16 2017 4:58 PM Great service
Exceptionally knowledgable with detailed fit. Other shops in town had advised I buy a boot a size bigger. They were honest and took their time. Initially boots were sore, when I returned they made some adjustments but also reassured me that this was normal and to keep skiing. They were right, by the end of the week my boots were comfortable. All in all a fantastic service, worth doing properly with them! Would recommend highly.

Janet Nietvelt
Monday, Mar 13 2017 8:55 AM Boot fitting with Jim
I like having a scheduled appointment. I can manage my time and after 2 visits the guys were on time. Clearly the staff is very knowledgeable and the boot fitting / adjustment process was very thorough. A fun and friendly environment. I moved to Whistler recently, arriving with my own gear. My next boot purchase will be at Fanatyko. A great skiing experience starts with well fitting and comfortable boots. It's my impression that's what you strive to do.

Jenny GeckoSmith
Saturday, Mar 04 2017 12:27 PM Best Bootmakers in Whistler!
Thank you to the team at Fanatyk especially Kevin A who saved me from years of pain and unpleasant skiing in ill fitting boots. The service was intelligent, quick, supportive and experienced. I can highly recommend this team, they are the best!

Philip Schofield
Friday, Mar 03 2017 8:06 PM Severe ankle pain
Jamie diagnosed correctly first time out, blew the shell out and added padding appropriately...instant and permanent relief. Worth every penny of the (reasonable) charge for the service on boots another less diligent company sold me. 5*.

Heidi Narayan
Thursday, Mar 02 2017 8:44 AM Thank you!
Scotty was great to work with. I loved the boots and after skiing in them all week didn't even need an adjustment. Thanks for getting me in comfortable boots! So nice to not be distracted by pain while skiing.

Rick Williams
Monday, Feb 27 2017 6:35 PM Retired ski bum.....
Had trouble with my boys not quite fitting right. This was the result of new liners. Scott listened to my sad story and did his boot magic. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the fit. Can't wait to get out on the hill and try them out.

Bart Hoyweghen
Saturday, Feb 25 2017 5:11 PM My foot is not made for a skiboot
I'm always sceptical when I have to buy new skiboots. A lot of skishops tell me that they can fix my problem only a few realy can. After a first fit and 3 adjustments (with the best service) I have a perfectly bootfit. Thx guy's As we say in dutch: goed gedaan and bedankt voor mijn nieuwe skischoenen.

Brett Yardley
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 10:32 PM Good, friendly service
I purchased a new pair of ski boots yesterday and was very happy with the service I received. Marcus was friendly, informative and definitely took a "customers interests first" approach. Definitely recommended.

Cassie Walker Johnson
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 8:32 PM Wow!
Here's the thing, 4 out of 5 toes were numb in my brand new boots. Who knew that $50 and 15 mins would make all of the difference in the world. Amazingly talented and knowledgeable- thank you!!!!

Nancy Baker
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 6:03 PM Boot fitting
Thank you very much for your great service.

Robert Nichols
Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 5:05 PM re-fit of intuition boot liner.
Shayne provided me with absolutely great service and advice. Could not have been better!

Shakira Kelly
Monday, Feb 20 2017 10:31 PM Incredibly good Service
I can't praise Shayne highly enough. He didn't have the right boots for me and he didn't try sell me on something that wasn't a perfect fit. I'll be back start of next season to get my new boots. These guys put Service and reputation as the most important and they really live it. He even got my current boots into much better shape so I can fly bush out the season on them. Happy customer and a customer for life.

Susan Sison-Drury
Monday, Feb 20 2017 9:40 PM Ski boots
Jamie help me get my footbed for my ski boots. He was really good and very helpful. Definitely going to recommend to people. Susan

Mark Oldenburg
Monday, Feb 20 2017 1:07 PM Friendly service
Fanatyk Co is another reason one might want to move to Whistler. Great service Shayne, thank you.

Kirsten Short
Friday, Feb 17 2017 4:01 PM Quick fix boot appointment
I was having problems with my ski boots and booked a quick fix appointment with Jamie. He immediately identified the problem and suggested a solution (proper insoles) - it made a HUGE difference out on the slopes and my feet felt so much better! Excellent service and really knowledgeable staff. Thanks!

Amy Graybeal
Tuesday, Feb 14 2017 3:30 PM knowledgeable staff
Kevin may not have been particularly nice, but he did know his shit. Although I left without purchasing boots, I felt that it was an overall good experience. He was honest with me about which boots to select and their limitations (my limitations really). I wish he had a bit better "bedside manner" but hey, I'd take a straightforward guy with the right answers over a nice guy with the wrong ones any day. I hope to come back in the future.
Andrew Johnson
Monday, Feb 13 2017 7:54 AM Best Boot Experience Ever
This is the first time I've used Fanatyk Co, and after numerous ski boots in the past from other fitters I can say that Fanatyk Co come across as the best. They have huge experience and knowledge about boots, skis, and, importantly, the biomechanics of the foot and ankle, making them experts in the fitting process.

Dave Chater
Monday, Feb 13 2017 6:40 AM Boot repair
Very quick boot repair on a very busy Sunday evening. Thanks for fitting me in so quickly.

Gino-Doris Fournier
Sunday, Feb 12 2017 8:52 PM New ski boots feedback at Fanatyk
Excellent service by the Fanatyk team today. We bought 2 pairs of boots and the staff served us in a very professional manner. Can't wait to hit the slopes tomorrow morning!

Shanon Leder Jensen
Thursday, Feb 09 2017 3:13 PM Not pushy at all..just helpful
I've been into Fanatyk a few times this week while in Whistler, and everyone was super helpful. I really appreciate the fact that non one tried to talk me into buying new boots. In fact one of the boot fitters I was working with said to "sleep on it" and to come back when I was not so tired and fatiqued. Buying new ski boots can be frustrating & these guys get it.. I really liked their style.

Brent Hipsher
Wednesday, Feb 08 2017 8:04 AM Thanks!
Just wanted to say thank you again for the best fitting ski boots i have ever owned!! Brent

Gabriel Chua
Monday, Feb 06 2017 8:35 PM Honest and great service!
Went to Kevin to get a new pair of boots as my current pair was hurting my navicular. Upon his recommendation, decided to fix my current pair instead, and they feel great now! Would definitely go back again!

Jacques Garrigues
Monday, Feb 06 2017 6:45 PM New boots
What makes Fanatyk hands-down the absolute best ski boot shop in Whistler is the people working there. Many of the employees have 15-20 plus years of boot fitting experience. They have dealt with all foot shape problems imaginable. If you need a punch out to relieve a tight spot, it is magic how fast and accurate their adjustments are. Only a really experienced fitter can make this look like a "piece of cake." I also appreciate the friendly atmosphere in the shop towards the customers. I have been coming to Fanatyk for 15 years and there is really no other shop to go to for as outstanding ski boot fit. For sure 5 stars and more.

Kiana Putman
Monday, Feb 06 2017 4:36 PM Stoked!
Replaced my year old Burton Driver X's factory liners with Intuition pro tongues. Day 1: -16C and toes stayed warm and wiggly while the boots performed better than new...and I'm not even dying to get them off :)

Vera Davis
Monday, Feb 06 2017 3:51 PM Ski boot fitting
Have always had excellent service from all the experiences, patient and pleasant fitters here. And they happily keep at it until the boot wearer is comfortable.

Doris Fraser
Sunday, Feb 05 2017 7:12 PM Boot fitting
Great service. The guys are friendly and efficient. Every once in a while I need to get my boots tweaked to accommodate my changing feet and new bony protrusions. It's sure nice to have a comfy boot!

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