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If you are a beginner or intermediate skier, or only ski now and again, the Absolute Joy is the right choice for you.
It is a mix of lightweight materials and the key qualities of balance and control.
It's the easy handling that gives you confidence in your skis and you quickly up your game.
You soon feel comfortable on your skis and ready to face any terrain. As the name suggests: Absolute Joy!

Bindings Included!

This binding is light as a feather.
Thanks to a new lightweight heel unit, the JOY 9 GW SLR binding allows women and young skiers to ski nearly effortlessly.

Delivering absolute stoke on every slope the Absolute Joy and its amped-filled mix of lightness, balance and ultimate control is the perfect tool for upping ones game.
The combination of our easy-riding, precise Superlite Composite Core, the grip and shock absorbing Power Sidewall Jacket and the lightness, balance and intuitive control of LIBRA architecture make this a fun all-access ski for intermediate to advanced riders.


  • GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind.

  • GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom.


  • LIBRA: Women's Camber
  • ERA 3.0
  • Super Light Weight Distribution
  • Graphene Power Sidewall Jacket
  • Superlite Composite Core
  • Structured UHM C Base
  • Allride Rocker

Speed: medium
Terrain: Allride
Skill: Intermediate
lengths: 148/153/158/163
radius: 13,5 @ Length 163
Sidecut: 129 / 79 / 109 @ Length 163