Blizzard Zero G 108 '18

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Lengths: 178cm Only - Last Pair
Sidecut: 136-108-122 mm (185)
Radius: 23; 25; 27; 29 m
Binding: 1,540g +/- 50g (171 cm); 0,79g/cm2
Construction: Sandwich Compound Sidewall; Carbon Drive Technology

The Zero G collection is designed to let you go as fast as you want – up or down.
Gone are the days of struggling to ski down just to save weight on the skin track.
Utilizing a technology called Carbon Drive, our Zero G skis deliver stability, stiffness and the confidence inspiring ride that Blizzard has become known for in an industry leading lightweight package.
Keep up on the down with Zero G. Free to Explore!

Floppy, unreliable backcountry touring skis have ruined more dreams than an iPhone alarm because ski companies have been focusing on uphill technology at the expense of downhill performance. 
So, Blizzard set out to create a ski that will perform like its trusted Freeride line while boasting a lightweight construction made for backcountry touring.
The Zero G 108 is the result of endless research, design, and testing in all types of conditions and terrain.  
At 108mm underfoot, it is made for backcountry skiers searching for powder.
With an ultra-lightweight construction and torsional rigidity thanks to Carbon DriveTechnology, a natural flex, and stability at speed because of the paulownia woodcore, the Zero G 108 is a no-brainer for the unforgettable days spent touring outside of your resorts boundaries.

sidecut 135-108-121
radius (m) 25

The sidewall built into the ski construction provides the following advantages: 

  • Improved transmission of skier’s movements to edge 
  • Constant pressure along the entire length of the ski 
  • Greater stability of the entire structure 
  • Impeccable control 
  • Maximum carving performance

This technology is the integration of a carbon structure with an ultra-lightweight construction.
Its special 3D geometry guarantees optimal flexional and torsional rigidity.
The result is a level of stability and control unprecedented in the world of ski mountaineering.

  • Carbon Drive is the market’s first uni-directional carbon frame construction.
  • Carbon Drive is the lightest weight alpine ski construction in the market.
  • The Carbon Frame, combined with the sidewall, increases the torsional rigidity of the tip and tail which results in increased stability and power transmission.
  • Carbon Drive delivers a level of downhill performance that has never existed in a touring ski.

Ski profile with a rocker at the tip and tail, camber in the middle. 
Reducing the pressure on the edge at the tip and tail makes the ski even easier to handle and increases floatation on powder snow.
The camber guarantees great grip on packed snow in any case.