Bike Repairs

Fanatyk Co is a full service bike shop with the ability to perform almost any repair

Wheels - Building

$60 and up + Parts

Wheels - Truing, Freehub Service, Spoke/Bearing Replacement

$15-$60 + Parts

Fork Service - Oil Changes, Seal Replacement, Damper Bleeding, Etc.

$80 and up + Parts

Shock Service - Air Can Service, Oil Seal Service, IFP Service, Nitrogen Charging

$40 and up + Parts

Bearing Replacement - Hubs, Pivots, Headsets, Bottom Brackets

$60/Hr + Parts

Dropper Post Service - Reverb Line Replacement/Repair/Bleeding, Cable Replacements, Etc.

$30 and up

Brake Install/Bleeding/Repairs - Pad Replacement, Line Replacement/Shortening, Mineral/Dot System Bleeds

$30 and up

Drivetrain Service - Derailleur Service/Replacement, Cable/Housing Replacement, Cassette/Chain/Chain Ring Replacement


Tubeless Tire Setup - Rim Tape Installation, Sealant, Tire Installation

$15 + Parts

Parts Installation - You name it, we'll install it


Bike Assembly/Boxing for Shipping - Let us assemble your bike after travel and re-package it when it is time to leave for home


*Prices subject to change at anytime.

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