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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Fanatyk Co?

  • We've been doing this a long time.  Since our inception in 1996, skis and bikes have been our main focus. 

  • We offer premium products and services year-round and our rental bikes are some of the best in Whistler. 

  • Each of our rentals is equipped with top-of-the-line, Shimano Zee/Saint or Shimano XT/XTR components. 

  • Our dedicated rental mechanics are experts with Shimano products and suspension setup.

  • All of our rental bikes are fully serviced after each use to ensure they are always safe and performing well.

What is required to rent a bike?

  • You must be over the age of 18 to sign a release of liability waiver.

  • A valid credit card and matching piece of government issued photo id.

  • Exceptions are made for children riding with their guardian.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • For cancellations contact 1-604-938-9455 or email 

  • Bookings are not refundable within 48 hours of your scheduled rental.

  • Inclement weather is not a valid reason for refunds.

What is included with the rental?

  • A full face or open face helmet is included with all bike rentals.  Armor is strongly recommended when riding the bike park. 

  • We rent arm pads, leg pads, and gloves for an additional fee (many riders choose to bring their own). 
    We also stock a great selection of retail armor from top brands if you want to buy your own personal gear.

What does the damage insurance cover?

  • Damage insurance is NOT INCLUDED by default.

  • Damage insurance is offered in addition to your rental to cover any damage caused while riding the bike. 
    Flat tires, bent handle bars, broken wheels and broken derailleur are examples covered by damage insurance. 

  • If you do not purchase insurance you are liable for damages
    (i.e.; you hit a rock and damage the rear derailleur or crash and damage the suspension forks, etc). 
    Damage caused during transport is not covered (if it falls off your bike rack, you bought it).

  • Insurance does not cover theft or injury.

Do you offer multi-day discounts?

  • Yes, we offer multi-day discounts.  They are calculated based on the number of consecutive days of rental.

Can I keep my bike overnight?

  • Bikes must be returned daily.  This allows us to service the bikes before your next ride. 

  • Unfortunately bike theft is very common, especially from hotel lock up and rental properties. 
    Leaving the bike at the store allows us to safely store the bike overnight.

Can I book multiple types of bikes?

  • If you wish to book both a DH bike and a Trail bike (or any combination) they must be made in separate reservations.

What should I wear in the bike park?

  • Before you rent a bike check the local weather and dress accordingly.
    14 Day Forecast

  • Shorts or athletic pants are recommended.

  • Wearing moisture wicking materials will increase your comfort while riding.

  • Durable, closed-toe shoes are the ideal footwear.  Flatter soles will offer better pedal feel.

  • Eye glasses or goggles are great for dusty or muddy conditions.  Sun glasses are useful for long chairlift rides on sunny days.

 What are the bike parks hours?

  • Park hours are subject to change throughout the season, click the link to see what the current times are.
    Bike Park Hours

Where do I buy a lift ticket?

  • Passes for the Whistler Bike Park can be purchased at the base of Whistler Mountain.  We are located less than 5 minutes walk away.

Is the bike park "beginner" friendly?

  • The Whistler Bike Park offers some of the best beginner downhill trails in the world! 
    "Easy Does It" is a great introduction to downhill riding and is recommended as the first trail to ride. 

  • The "Fitzsimons" zone is filled with great trails to help progress your mountain bike skills and build confidence.  

  • The "Garbanzo" and "Peak" zones are not beginner appropriate. 
    The trails accessed from these lifts feature jumps and drops more appropriate for intermediate and advanced riders.

Can I have the suspension of my rental bike adjusted?

  • All the rentals have had the suspension set up with a base tune to maximize their performance. 

  • If you have a personal preference for your suspension setup please let our staff know.  We will try to adjust it accordingly. 

  • Please bare in mind, setting up custom suspension takes time and often requires many minor changes.

How are the brakes setup?

  • The bikes are normally prepared with the brakes set up with the front on the left and rear on the right.  We refer to this as “Normal”.

  • If you wish to have the brakes setup with the front on the right and the rear on the left.
    Please indicate this on your reservation by selecting the appropriate check box.  We refer to this as “Moto” setup.

What pedals are available?

  • All bikes are normally setup with an aggressive platform pedal that will work well with cycling specific flat shoes or a flat soled athletic shoe.

  • We also have a number of Shimano SPD clipless pedals available.  Please select your pedal choice by choosing the appropriate check box.

  • You are welcome to bring your own pedals and we are happy to install them for you.

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